The Wendy Williams Show recently ended, though Williams herself wasn’t present. As Wendy Williams is still under recovery from her condition, she plans to put herself back into the game with a podcast. Days after her YouTube channel was deleted, Wendy’s Instagram account has also vanished.

Over the past few months, Wendy Williams’ daytime television show has seen a number of setbacks. The popular series is gradually fading from the memories of its thousands of devoted viewers, whether it was because it got a new host in Sherri Shepherd or was completely cancelled. Fans have still been able to watch Wendy’s old content on social media, even if she hasn’t sat in the purple chair at the studio in a while—until now.

The 57-year-show-related old’s YouTube channel was deleted earlier this week. This implied that all the information accumulated over the course of the previous 13 seasons had vanished into thin air. Although this disappointed hundreds of her followers, Wendy’s show has continued to disappear.

Now, in addition to losing the show’s YouTube channel with hundreds of subscribers, she also lost its Instagram presence. They were taken to a blank page after clicking the username, which said “No Posts Yet” in the middle and “User not found” across the bottom. The post, which has received over 16,000 likes, is covered with angry fan comments.

Wendy Williams recently revealed the condition of her feet during a video interview with TMZ. She revealed that she only has 5% of feeling left in her feet. Her fans aren’t having this treatment, even though there is no explanation for why her pages are disappearing into thin air.

We’ll have to see how many Wendy Williams fans kept her episodes on a backup hard drive. Check it out below.

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