Lil Durk is infamous for having several children with different baby mamas. Obviously, things get a little tricky when the logistics are all over the place. Durk has a responsibility for his kids, but one of his baby mamas claims that he has been ducking it for the last 5 years.

Tameka Kute, who is the mother of Skyler Banks, says that the rapper has had almost no involvement in her life. She took to Instagram Stories said that she’s keeping her away now, and expressed that she knows Lil Durk is not going to change.

Ain’t nobody never been to sh*t my daughter had for her birthday it’s been 5 years and now it’s I’m keeping her away [eye roll emoji] naw sometimes people get fed up with sh*t and don’t wanna be bothered with that sh*t no more ..ain’t nothing gone change I don’t gotta deal with sh*t like that my life don’t revolve around yo sh*t I got my own life to live [relax emoji]

Durk dated Tameka Kute, who gave birth to his fifth child, Skyler Banks. Finally, Durk’s girlfriend India Royale gave birth to his sixth child, Willow Banks back in 2018. In total, Smurk has 6 kids.

There are a lot of stories about baby mama drama, and Lil Durk’s life has included a lot of controversy so far. It appears these stories will likely continue.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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