Adele, who recently defended her decision to cancel her Las Vegas residency, sings about her personal life and romantic endeavors on a regular basis.
Someone Like You, her seminal track, was inspired by a terrible break-up with an ex-boyfriend. Fans have recently urged the singer to release a full version of a leaked scrapped track from her last album, in which she can be heard presumably bashing a former partner.

According to the Mirror, Adele fans have demanded that the singer release the full version of a previously unreleased track that was leaked online over the weekend. The snippet was circulated on social media. In it, the award-winning artist appeared to criticize a former lover.

“I didn’t really want to be your lover, I was just bored, and you were the first one I set my eyes on,” the lyrics said. “But I Want To” is the title of the song. It is said to have been created for her fourth album, 30. However, she did not make the final cut when the album was released last year.

Fans have requested the artist to release the complete version of the song after it was leaked online. Some even recommended that the singer compile an album of unreleased songs. The mother-of-one can be heard singing the song with brutal lyrics in an unauthorized snippet released on Twitter over the weekend.

“Perhaps I was too young to be playing with fire. Like a loaded gun you held me up on your desire. Had to learn how to run, had to learn how to walk away.”

“I hate that I love you, the worst part is I never wanted to. It kills me that I can’t be around you, but I want to. Gonna lose my heart, gonna lose my mind in your eyes.”

“FULL VERSION IS NEEDED SO BAD,” one ecstatic admirer said beneath the video, while another added, “At this point we need an album with their unreleased songs – they’re so good.” A third user wrote, “this is perfection, honestly PERFECTION! i love love love this song,” while another demanded: “OMG!!!! ADELE RELEASE THIS NOW.”

Many of Adele’s fans are delighted about the leaked song and are begging her to release it. Let’s see whether she does it for the sake of her admirers. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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