Bam Margera has been part of the ‘Jackass’ series since the very beginning, alongside the likes of Johnny Knoxville and others. However, he was removed from ‘Jackass Forever’ for many reasons, especially due to his drug addictions. Just recently, some photos of Bam surfaced, which were taken after he fled his rehab center.

A recently surfaced Facebook post from user Chach Bihh showed Bam Margera chilling with some dudes. It was taken during the time when Bam was missing from his rehab facility. A Thirsty source recently said that he knew Bam’s whereabouts because he saw those posts online.

I know where Bam was while he wasn’t in rehab because of posts I saw, and I know the people in the posts, and they mention a lot publicly about what he was doing and who he was with…

Our source also knows the people with whom Bam was hanging out with. Those people routinely gave online updates about what they were doing. It was previously reported that Bam Margera ran away from a Florida rehab facility he wasn’t allowed to leave. This caused many fans to be concerned for his well-being.

He was eventually found and his mother, April Margera, picked him up. The belief was that his split from his wife was the reason that Bam bolted from rehab. Then he once again ran away from rehab and was eventually taken back again.

We’re hoping that Bam is able to straighten himself out and get back to a much better state. Check out the photos below.

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