Poison singer Bret Michaels couldn’t make it to the shows as he had to be hospitalized. Following his illness, the whole band came to the stage and announced that the concert would have to be canceled.

Michaels’ hospitalization still didn’t lead to their performances being canceled on later dates. That’s because Michaels was expected to make a recovery, and now he’s ready to rock once again.

The Poison frontman said his sorry to fans for missing out on the show in Nashville, Tennessee. He said that he’s going to give his “1000%” in the upcoming show in Jacksonville, Florida.

First of all, I just want to say to everyone thank you for your incredible well wishes. And I just want to say to everyone thank you, it means the world to me.


I’m here in Jacksonville, I’m ready to rock and to give you 1,000% of everything I got in the tank right now. I’m not feeling my Sunday best, but I’m going to keep rocking and I’m going to bring it. I cannot be more grateful for such awesome incredible family, friends and fans. Thank you

The rocker posted a video of himself on Instagram and Twitter to reach out to fans. Apparently, Michaels also reached out to his fans by posting an image on Instagram. He shared his thanks to the Nashville doctors who did what needed to be done to nurse him back to health.

TMZ reported that Michaels’ illness was due to a reaction he had to a COVID-19 medication. Apparently the bad reaction had a relation to his type 1 diabetes, something he struggles with ever since he was a kid.

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