Lala Kent is always making headlines for one thing or another. The reality star recently took to her Instagram Stories to share an ad promoting a skincare brand. However, Kent’s visible lip injection bruises were what got fans talking about the video.

In the clip, Kent shared her impressions of the skincare brand Tula. She talked to her followers about her routine involving their serum and their SPF, and the importance of switching up a routine if their skin required it.

However, a thread on Reddit titled, “It’s the visible lip injection bruises for me. People actually take beauty advice from her?” picked up a lot of steam from fans who were shocked at the Bravolebrity’s appearance. The Reddit thread showing screengrabs of Kent’s Instagram Story picked up over 150 comments from people reacting to Kent’s appearance in the video. 

“She really has rubberized her face,” one person wrote. “She used to be so naturally striking. Oh well, she must like it.” Another said, “She was so beautiful her first season on VPR!! Lip injections are NOT for everyone!!!!”

“She has destroyed her face. And I hate saying that because I’ve also done lip injections yearly… but what the f*** is going on here,” another commented.

A few people commented on her eyebrows, with one person writing, “Those eyebrows, I’m tappin out.” Another said, “Yeah, they are not a goal for eyebrows.” Someone said, “She has Spock brow now from bad botox.” 

A few people were confused by Kent promoting Tula’s products, given that she has her own skincare line. “It’s weird to me when someone has their own line of something but then promotes their competition. One person pointed out, “Wait doesn’t she have her own skincare brand?? Why is she promoting another brand LMAO.” 

Meanwhile, Kent was very open about going under the knife recently, revealing at the end of May that she got breast implants as well as her left ear “pinned back.” She posted that she was “really happy” with the procedure. Stay tuned to Thirsty for further updates.

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