Summer Walker’s toxic, beautifully sung romantic anthems have a devoted audience. She shared photos of herself holding her infant daughter months back that caused a huge stir. Summer Walker also recently shared photographs of herself in minimal clothing that sparked pregnancy rumors.

In the past, Summer Walker has been open about being a mother. She has referred to London On Da Track as “the worst baby daddy on the planet” on numerous occasions, lamenting that she should have “paid more attention” to him before they had a child. But it appears that Walker may not have completely written off having children as a result of this turmoil.

Summer Walker flaunted a puka shell-adorned bikini in a recent Instagram photo. Fans questioned whether this was her method of revealing that she was pregnant, and the comment area was rife with pregnancy rumors. Fans started making assumptions about the singer’s pregnancy right away.

One user wrote: “My sis definitely pregnant.”

Another chimed in: “It’s the pregnant belly for me.”

A third user commented: “Summer .. don’t play with me rn…”

Walker captioned the series of three photos as “Brown & Beautiful.” Walker’s images followed a blog post she had written about the Supreme Court’s recent ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade. Walker included screenshots of numerous tweets condemning the decision in the post. Walker has yet to address the speculations.

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