Azealia Banks is currently one of the most outspoken female rappers in the hip hop world. In addition to that, she is also known to be very judgmental and hounds other musicians. Banks also made a bizarre accusation against Beyoncé.

The rapper always makes sure to share her thoughts on the culture prevalent in the hip hop world. Recently, Beyoncé dropped her first single in 6 years called ‘Break My Soul’ and it has taken over the world.

Azealia Banks previously dragged mashups with ‘Break My Soul.’ She simply said “They are horrible” which is an evident sign that she does not like Beyoncé’s latest single.

Banks decided to choose violence recently, as Banks referenced a recent article in which it was revealed that Beyoncé was listening to Azealia while brainstorming for her latest track. Banks then caused Beyoncé of being a creep who is trying to erase Banks’ contributions to music.

“Why feel the need, after 13 years of my career, say you’re ‘brainstorming’ with six people to my early records… which are miles beyond whatever flaccid and insincere attempt you just made to try for an attention grab during pride month?When you don’t give a damn about the gays any other time of the year?

Beyoncé’s been trying to write me out of my own narrative for years,” Banks said. She went on to say “you’re a joke” to the Queen B, and “you’re trying to erase my contributions to house music, dance music…you’re a fucking creep and you watch everything I do.”

Azealia Banks is never one to mince her words, and she certainly spoke her mind regarding this topic as well. It remains to be seen whether Beyoncé will respond to what Banks said or not.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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