Azealia Banks is definitely one of the most established female rappers in the hip-hop world, but she also draws a ton of controversy. Earlier this week, she was onstage for the Wynwood Pride performance. During her performance, it all went downhill as she began shouting about promoters jerking her about over her set times and whether she was the headliner, while she performed with her boobs all the way out. Now, the rapper finally revealed what let up to her outburst on stage.

The New York rapper took to Instagram to rant about the conditions of the event. Banks had performed just four songs from her headlining set, with her breasts fully exposed, when she began to go off about how organizers and promoters kept changing her call times.

Banks told fans, “I’m really not happy to be here. I’m trying y’all, but it’s difficult. I really don’t wanna f**king be here,” , just before her microphone was cut off, which prompted boos and jeers from the crowd. It turns out, Banks had a long list of complaints about the event, beginning with the time of year the LGBTQ music festival is held.

“Miami, we need to have a real discussion. Number one, I know that June is the month, but the heat in South Florida in June is way too oppressive to do anything that’s fab, ok,”

For her second complaint she talked about how “we can not be giving segregation k**t, Girls we can not be giving segregation k**ts, that’s number two.” which was followed by laughter. The Fierce rapper continued, “Number three, there can be no mud at Pride. No mud at Pride. I don’t care what you trying to give. You trying to give a music festival, whatever, then give a music festival, But no, we can not have mud at Pride”.

Banks also offered a solution, “I’m sorry, Miami Pride needs to give a nice crisp cool week right after the new year so the girls can really get into their ups and ups.” She then sifted her rant to how the event “was supposed to be an indoor venue”, and that organizers used ice machine while she was on stage after being told she was allergic to the fake smoke that it produces.

It’s not 100% clear whether she was talking about actual mud or the street slang for liquid codeine, better known as lean. Either way, that clip will live on forever. You can check out her social media rant below.

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