A New York jury found R. Kelly guilty of racketeering and trafficking in women last year. On June 28, he will be sentenced. They detail the particular mistreatment each victim endured at Kelly’s hands in court documents submitted by New York prosecutors.

They go into considerable depth about the singer’s interactions with Stephanie, a young girl. R. Kelly was recently accused by the prosecution of picking up one of his victims at a nearby McDonald’s with false promises of “cuddles.” The deception led to a relationship with horrifying abuse that the singer videotaped.

Kelly allegedly observed Stephanie working at a Chicago McDonald’s in 1998, according to the government. Despite her telling the associate she was 16 years old, he had one of his associates approach her, point out Kelly, and give her the singer’s phone number. According to the court documents, Stephanie threw the phone number away.

But a year later, she went up to Kelly after seeing him at a store. She inquired about his willingness to hear her friend’s music and possibly assist her. According to Radar, Kelly allegedly told Stephanie that “he thought he could arrange that, but he’d like to get to know [Stephanie] and he also said he liked to cuddle and would [Stephanie] be okay with that,” to which Stephanie responded yes.”

Stephanie was given Kelly’s phone number and instructed to call him. She ultimately found herself in his Chicago studio, where they engaged in sexual activity. According to the government, the musician was aware of Stephanie’s age because she made it known to him. The motion read, “They continued to have sex over the next approximately six months. Stephanie’s sexual interactions with [Kelly] were “humiliating.” Stephanie told investigators about Kelly.

[Kelly] would be very specific in how he wanted me to be. He would put me in positions that he wanted me to be in. He would tell me that he wanted me — he’d tell me to get undressed and then he would position my body in a way and he would then say, all right, I’m going to go and when I come back I want you to be just like this. So I would just be completely naked with my b— in the air and just like waiting there for him to come have his way … Sometimes hours.

She told the authorities that Kelly would become disappointed and upset if he returned and discovered she wasn’t in the proper position. She claimed Kelly also took her to his townhouse where he asked her to take part in the production of child pornography as he videotaped her while she was still naked and having sex with her.

Kelly allegedly bought Stephanie’s airfare to Florida in 1999. He allegedly recorded Stephanie’s face with a handheld video camera inside a studio while his p—— was in her mouth and she was performing oral sex. Kelly ejaculated over her face and wouldn’t let her wipe it off, humiliating her still again. He made her travel down the public hallway to another restroom so that she could wash her face.

Stephanie was also told by Kelly not to converse with other men. In 1958, Lewis famously wed his cousin, who was then 13 years old. In sentencing Kelly next week, prosecutors contend that the judge need to take Kelly’s story into account. Kelly has requested that the judge refrain from calling him out. He claimed that a 10-year prison term would be sufficient.

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