Ric Flair will have his controversial last match on July 31 in Nashville, Tennessee. Many wrestling fans have been skeptical about a 73-year-old man with a pacemaker stepping into the ring. Ric Flair does not seem the least bit worried.

At a press conference held today to hype Ric Flair’s Last Match, The Nature Boy addressed questions about his health and preparedness for the bout. On more than one occasion, Flair hinted that the match could be a bloody affair. He promised that he would have an object on him during the fight to make himself bleed.

“I think people, especially in the south, they like ‘rasslin’. We called it when I first got to Charlotte. David [Crockett] knows, it was me and Richard Petty. It was ‘rasslin’ and racin’. And ‘rasslin’s never left Nashville.

So we’re gonna ‘rassle, and I’m talking about in the old days, and Jeff [Jarrett] knows what I’m talking about. When guys would take a chisel, right? You’d cut off the end of a chisel and put it in a metal plate and put it in their fingers, and that was a ‘hard way’. Boom. Chisel right in the head. Not a blade. A chisel. So, I can’t guarantee you a chisel, but I’ll have something with me.”


Earlier during the press conference, Flair said that he would not take his blood thinners on the day of the show. That is a heavy indicator that Ric Flair plans to spill blood in the match. He may not go all the way with the old-school chisel routine, but it looks like Flair will get some color.

Ric Flair’s final opponent has yet to be announced. He has been training with AEW star Jay Lethal for months in the lead-up to the big event. Ric is planning to go out with a roar rather than a whimper, but time will tell how everything goes.

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Transcription by Thirsty for News

Michael Perry

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