John Cena is one of the greatest entertainers who has ever performed in front of thousands. WWE certainly misses having around, as he brings in huge crowds. That being said, Vince McMahon’s company can never be too careful.

Ryback has endured some difficult months. He has tweeted some horrifying things and expressed joy over Vince McMahon’s mother’s passing. The former WWE title challenger has been embroiled in controversy, and he’s not afraid about speaking on the company’s business.

WWE has been forcing The Big Guy to sign a non-disclosure agreement. He claimed that five months ago, when they intended to lose the Ryback trademark, the legal team contacted him. Ryback recently revealed that John Cena is also under an NDA.

Ringside News recently took to Twitter to shed light on Ryback’s recent claims. According to Ryback during a live stream, WWE had more non-disclosure agreements for key superstars in the business. He also predicted that this ‘investigation’ where the board is looking into Vince McMahon’s non-disclosure agreements will bring forward more such people.


Ryback claims they had more NDA’s for people for key people in WWE and he predicts this “investigation” will bring more people forward. He dares them go to thru the emails. Thoughts?

Ryback is always outspoken in his criticism of WWE. While he is usually selfish and conspiratorial in those critiques, he is entitled to his opinion. We can only hope that Ryback will ultimately sign the agreement and stop getting the heat. Check out the tweets below.

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