Vince McMahon recently settled his lawsuit with former XFL commissioner Oliver Luck. Luck was suing for $24 million in salary that he says Vince McMahon backed out on when he was fired from the league. With a major investigation brewing at WWE, McMahon simply didn’t think the fight was worth it.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed why Vince McMahon decided to settle with Oliver Luck. As McMahon and WWE deal with a huge hush-money scandal, the last thing they needed was bad press or for something negative about Vince to come out at trial.

“I think that it’s pretty clear that, even though with all of the stuff on Vince’s plate that probably going through a trial right now was probably the worst thing possible because it would bring a lot of coverage on every little thing and is also a trial that nearly everybody thought he was going to lose that trial.

So, it would be a big public loss. This is probably a way, as far as the publicity goes, to cut that loss and from Oliver Luck’s standpoint, it’s probably best, you know… The amount of money that he got will be sealed and all the terms are going to be sealed, but if it’s like close to what he was asking for, which is $24.1 million, then it makes sense to get it now. There is always the chance that he doesn’t win the case, however slim that would be, and even if Vince McMahon would’ve lost the case, they would’ve filed for an appeal and this case would go on forever and this way he gets the money right now without having to go through that appeals process because they would appeal it based on some of the rulings by judge Victor Bolden, you know, that threw out a lot of Vince’s proposed defenses or the reasons that he fired Luck, which, you know, Bolden threw out all of them but one as being [not] having any merit whatsoever.

Obviously, the timing of it makes all the sense in the world in the sense that, OK, this is not a time to have Vince go to court and, you know, have another set of things come out on Vince. Whatever might come out in that case and at the end, most likely a loss. This is probably, from a Vince standpoint, you know, it makes the most sense to settle. Before this happened, it was pretty adamant both sides weren’t going to settle, but maybe right before the thing went to trial… Maybe they would’ve settled at the end anyway, rather than go to court. So, the case is closed, that’s pretty much it for the case.”

Oliver Luck will get his money without a lengthy appeals process. Vince McMahon will get a potentially negative legal entanglement off the books. Everyone comes out of the case a winner.

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Michael Perry

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