Fake Drake is becoming more than a temporary viral sensation. Since October of last year, Fake Drake has been making public appearances and even making the big bucks to impersonate the Canadian rockstar. Earlier this week, Fake Drake hopped on FaceTime with Drake to announce his upcoming collab with the rapper. Now, Fake Drake has popped up again but was met with negative energy. 

On Sunday, June 19th, promoter and club owner Chris Chizer shared the clip on his Instagram Stories kicking Fake Drake out of his strip club Area 29 in Houston, TX. In the clip, Chris appears to be very upset that the faux Drizzy, who goes by Izzy in real life, was in his establishment. Chris then directs someone to point their smartphone camera and film Fake Drake who is by the stage and looks visibly puzzled by the whole situation.

Chris then stopped the show and pointed out Fake Drake, saying, “Fake Drake can’t be in here, he got to go!” He then asks the security to escort Fake Drake out. He says in the clip, “Security get his ass up out of here now, Drake is my partner and one of my best friends. Fake Drake can’t be in here.”

However, hours later Fake Drake jumped on Instagram Live to explain what happened in the video. Apparently, the whole thing was staged to help promote Drake’s polarizing new album, Honestly, Nevermind. During his chat session, Izzy revealed that he and Chris had agreed to create a fake scenario where he would get kicked out of his club.

The Fake Drake also revealed that Drake was in on it as well. The fake Drake also added that he gets $10,000 to do club walk-ins so he doesn’t have any fears of getting kicked out of a club. Stay tuned to Thirsty for further updates.

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