Jennifer Lopez is one of the most decorated artists in the industry today. The actress has millions of fans across the globe. Lopez is all set to debuts her new documentary Halftime, where she reflects on her legendary career, including that she almost quit.

The 52-year-old actress helped forge a path for other Latina actresses to follow by becoming the first actress to earn over $1 million for her role in Selena. According to Daily Mail, Lopez revealed in the documentary, with fame came increased scrutiny over her curvy frame. She added that the criticism was so intense she had thoughts of quitting showbiz altogether.

The documentary is slated to release Tuesday on Netflix. She admitted that “There were many times where I was just like, I think I’m just going to quit. I had to really figure out who I was. And believe in that and not believe in anything else,” Her curvy body type was far from the norm when Lopez burst onto the scene with Selena.

Lopez also said, “When I started working, the beauty ideal was very thin, blonde, tall, not a lot of curves.” She added, “I  grew up around women with curves so it was nothing I was ever ashamed of. It was hard, when you think people think you’re a joke — like a punchline.” She admitted that her then-fiance Ben Affleck was surprised at the criticism.

Affleck said in the documentary, “I said to her once, ‘Doesn’t this bother you?’ And she said, ‘I’m Latina, I’m a woman, I expected this.'” Lopez also opened up about how hard it was to get back to work after her divorce from Marc Anthony as a single mom with two kids.

“As an artist I lost a little bit of who I was in trying to build a perfect life, and when my kids were three, I got divorced and I was a single mum with two little kids,”

Lopez’s career resurgence was thrust into the forefront with her critically-acclaimed turn in the 2019 film Hustlers. While she was heavily expected to earn her first Oscar nomination for the film, she didn’t earn one, though she dreamt that she did. To know more about her journey catch her documentary on Netflix this Tuesday. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more!

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