Rosie O’Donnell & Elizabeth Rooney’s relationship was a very prominent one in the industry. However, the engaged pair split in 2019 owing to a major issue. Rosie seems to have found love again. Rosie O’Donnell recently revealed her new girlfriend on Instagram.

Rosie O’Donnell and her girlfriend Aimee have made their relationship official through Instagram posts. The former talk show host shared a selfie of herself and Aimee on Wednesday, the opening day of Pride Month. “Happy PRIDE!” Aimee, who has 85K followers on TikTok and gives cosmetic tutorials, captioned the video with a rainbow, heart, and kiss emoji.

O’Donnell hinted at a new romance last month when she tweeted a selfie of her hand resting on the leg of an anonymous woman. “How’s ur weekend? #spokane” wrote the “Sleepless in Seattle” actress alongside the mystery lady’s highly tattooed hand in the photo.

In 2021, Aimee, whose last name is still unknown, disclosed that she was reared as a strict Mormon in Boise, Idaho, on a podcast called “Lesbian Speaking.” She married “out of duty” at the age of 21 and had a daughter named Izzie. She divorced five years later and went through an eight-year custody struggle for her daughter before gaining full custody. She has a son as well, but little else is known.

Aimee said on the show that it took her a long time to reconcile her sexuality due to what she was taught in the Mormon Church, and she has received several messages from ex-Mormons. This would be the first time in nearly three years that the “View” alum has presented a companion.

O’Donnell’s Instagram account is getting flooded with congratulatory messages. The fans are happy that the star has finally got her love. What’s your take on this revelation? For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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