Paul Wight is a pro wrestling veteran, having worked in the industry for well over two decades. He’s been a commentator for AEW for a few months now, and his work has been outstanding. However, Wight has recently revealed original plans for Mayweather Match in WWE.

Floyd Mayweather was not initially meant to face Paul Wight at “WrestleMania 24.” At The Show of Shows, the now-AEW star faced off against the boxing legend. Mayweather won the fight after landing many chair blows and finishing the giant with brass knuckles in a No Disqualification Match.

The Big Show, however, claimed on Submission Radio that the fight was originally planned as a tag team match. To take on Batista and Rey Mysterio, the former champion was to team up with the boxer. Wight went on to say that Rey Mysterio and Batista’s injuries ruined the planned plans.

“Originally, I think that was supposed to be Floyd against Batista and Rey [Mysterio]. It was supposed to be a tag originally and then there was a series of injuries. I think Dave [Batista] got hurt really bad, either tore a lat or a bicep and the same thing happened with Rey, and all this happened before we got to kick the angle off. So when they presented the opportunity, hey, will you work with him one-on-one? I’m like, hell yes, I’ll work with him, whatever you guys want to do.”


The animosity between the WWE icon and Floyd Mayweather began in 2008 at No Way Out, when the latter punched the giant. When Mayweather entered the ring from the audience, Paul was going to chokeslam Rey Mysterio when he landed a series of lighting punches to the head, fracturing the Big Show’s nose.

The former WWE star said that he suggested the boxer break his nose. Paul expressed his gratitude for the chance to work with Money Mayweather.

“It was a shoot. He punched me in the nose, I told him to break it. I mean, I don’t know how you work that, like, I mean, I’m sorry, I guess I said, ‘Yeah, go ahead and punch my nose.’ I said not to shove it down the back of my head, but if you can tap it, [go ahead]. I mean, to get a chance to work with probably one of the greatest fighters of all-time, certainly one of the greatest defensive fighters of all-time. To work with Floyd [Mayweather] and to have that opportunity for that spotlight at WrestleMania – I mean, that whole thing changed.”

The battle between the two was regarded as one of the best celebrity fights in WWE history. Mayweather ultimately won the fight with the assistance of his sidekicks, a chair, and a brass knuckle. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more updates.

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