The Miami Heat finished the regular season in first position in the Eastern Conference, led by Jimmy Butler. Up until their showdown against the Boston Celtics, the Heat were able to dominate the Eastern Conference playoffs for the most part.

The series became a dogfight after that, with both sides taking turns leading the series. The Celtics prevailed in seven games in the end, and it all came down to the final seconds. Butler moved up the court in the dying moments of the game, and instead of driving for two points that would have tied the game, Butler chose to try for a pull-up three from deep, as you can see in the video below.

Butler subsequently went on to miss the shot, resulting in a Heat loss. Butler was asked about his shot after the game and whether he still believes in it. As you can see, he is still certain that what he did was the proper thing to do, and his teammates agree.

My thought process was ‘go for the win’…my teammates like the shot that I took, so I’m living with it.

The Celtics will now compete in the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors, while the Heat will have to reflect on how things ended until October. Check out the tweets from ESPN and Bally Sports Florida & Bally Sports Sun below.

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