Josh Donaldson recently made a Jackie Robinson joke toward Tim Anderson during a game on Monday. That did not go unnoticed and did not fly at all without punishment.

The incident occurred during New York’s Saturday game against the White Sox. JD said, “What’s up, Jackie?” to Anderson, who is Black.

Sox manager Tony La Russa labeled the remark “racist,” but Donaldson then clarified that he was referring to a 2019 Sports Illustrated piece in which Anderson said he felt like “today’s Jackie Robinson.” He also said that he had joked about it with Anderson before.

Anderson was clearly enraged by JD’s remark, claiming that it was uncalled for and that he’d “never sleep this off.” Donaldson has been suspended for one game as a result of his comments, which he will appeal.

Michael Hill, MLB’s VP of on-field operations, released a statement on the decision, saying, “MLB has completed the process of speaking to the individuals involved in this incident. There is no dispute over what was said on the field.”

“Regardless of Mr. Donaldson’s intent, the comment he directed toward Mr. Anderson was disrespectful and in poor judgment, particularly when viewed in the context of their prior interactions.

In addition, Mr. Donaldson’s remark was a contributing factor in a bench-clearing incident between the teams, and warrants discipline.”

According to ESPN’s Alden Gonzalez, Major League Baseball is investigating the situation and consulting with all pertinent parties. Yankees manager Aaron Boone stated on Sunday that Donaldson should not have made the remark.

Stay tuned to Thirsty to get more updates. We might not have heard the end of this one.

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