Senator Ted Cruz has never been one to shy away from his conservative bona fides. The Texas lawmaker frequently receives the ire of the left for his takes on various issues of social justice. Ted Cruz was recently present to watch the postseason game at Yankee Stadium. He was surrounded by baseball fans who booed him nonstop and called him out as he walked around in his seat behind home plate.

The Texas lawmaker, a die-hard Astros fan, traveled to the Bronx dressed orange and blue to support his beloved team as it attempted to beat the Yankees and secure a spot in the World Series. Cruz was seen grinning prior to the first pitch, but throughout the evening, the spectators next to him did not seem to like him. Ted Cruz told TMZ Sports that he felt absolutely no ill will toward Yankees supporters as a result of the response.

It was an awesome game — it was spectacular. And I appreciated the great New York hospitality.

In a video showing the senator during the game, spectators can be seen repeatedly jeering him as he stood up from his seat. Many can be heard calling him a “f-ing loser” and a “racist piece of s-t” on the video. Cruz can even be seen getting the bird from two spectators in a picture taken at the game.


The 51-year-old maintained his composure during the entire ordeal, grinning and waving to other spectators. He even posed for a photo with a man wearing an Aaron Judge jersey. Cruz had the last laugh despite the incident because Houston defeated New York 6-5 to complete the ALCS sweep of the Pinstripes. Check out the posts below.

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