Mike Tyson recently got involved in a scuffle on an airplane with an annoying fan. He was also not be charged with a crime about the incident. Iron Mike has finally spoken up about his altercation with an out-of-control passenger on a JetBlue flight. One thing is clear that he’s furious about it.

Mike was on his Hotboxin’ podcast, apparently relieved that the San Mateo County District Attorney had chosen against charging him with battery. The footage, which was obtained by TMZ, shows Mike hitting the man after being harassed even before the plane took off. Mike said that the man was messing with him despite the fact that Mike a took picture with him.

He was f*cking with me, man. I took pictures with this n****. I shouldn’t even be taking public planes. A bodyguard and a f*cking yes man. What am I gonna do on a plane?

Mike says he understands the possibility of someone becoming overly thrilled, which is why his wife has been urging him not to fly commercial. He prefers taking a private plane with a bodyguard to avoid such hassles. Situations like the one on JetBlue triggers him.

He also recognized it’s ultimately a lose-lose situation. Mike had also mentioned a triggering occurrence that occurred during the iconic Holyfield battle. The passenger has retained counsel, so it’s uncertain whether Mike will be required to unlock his wallet. Check out the video below.

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