Brock Lesnar is famous within the pro wrestling fan base for his destructive moves and huge paychecks. It turns out that $250k is lowballing the Beast Incarnate.

Lesnar wrestled a match against Goldberg at WrestleMania XX in April 2004. He made a quarter of a million dollars for that match, a huge payday for practically anyone on this planet. Brock Lesnar had another way of looking at things.

During Grilling JR, Jim Ross explained that Goldberg and Brock Lesnar were paid $250k each for their spot on the WrestleMania XX card. We’re not sure how Goldberg took that news, but Lesnar wasn’t happy about it.

“I remember, the pay-off for WrestleMania 20, he [Lesnar] made $250,000 and so did Goldberg.” 


“I remember sitting in my office in Stamford when Vince’s assistant said ‘Brock Lesnar is on the line, he wants to talk to Vince and Vince wants him to talk to you’. So that was my prep for that conversation.”

“I got on the phone to him and he’s in a foul mood because he thought he got screwed with his pay-off.” 

Jim Ross eventually asked Lesnar, “‘what are you basing this on? Did you do a forensic study of the finances of this event? Or did one of your buddies tell you that you got screwed with your pay-off? You have to give me something here. You didn’t like it?’” Lesnar didn’t take too kindly to that line of questioning, because he felt like Vince McMahon’s company was putting the screws to him.

“I didn’t have a problem with him hanging up on me. He heard his answer: ‘You’re not getting any more money, we think we paid you fairly’. Thank God he was on the phone and not staring me down the gullet! He’s a little intimidating. We were a little bit shocked it came to that.” 

Brock Lesnar left WWE after WrestleMania XX and he had a cup of coffee in the NFL before making a transition to the UFC by way of New Japan Pro-Wrestling. Lesnar is back in WWE now and he seems to be having a good time, but his paychecks are probably large enough to put a smile on anyone’s face.

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