Stranger Things Season 4 is on the way, and there are a ton of theories about what will happen. Nobody really knows for sure, or do they? Spoilers reportedly emerged thanks to a Monopoly game, and the Duffer brothers are understandably upset.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, images from an official Monopoly game tie-in to the long-awaited new season of the classic sci-fi phenomenon have surfaced online. Images from the game’s cards, which began circulating last month, reveal important story points in the new episodes. Netflix was upset by the blunder.

Netflix wasn’t as upset as the show’s creators, The Duffer Brothers, who, according to insiders, were not contacted about the game. Matt and Ross Duffer have always treasured tale privacy and are believed to have had a “total meltdown” over the incident.

According to a Reddit thread dedicated to the leak, the game was purchased at “a nationally recognized retailer and purchased fair and square by a consumer. Nobody took it, and no samples were released.”


Those purchase details, however, are unconfirmed. Retailers are now selling Stranger Things Monopoly boards based on previous seasons, however, a handful of alleged copies of the season four edition are being sold on eBay.

According to a source close to Netflix‘s tentpole series, while its producers have a lot of involvement in, and approval over, the vast majority of the show’s promotions and consumer products, the sheer scale and breadth of the Stranger Things franchising world is so incomparable to any other show on Netflix that the Monopoly game must have accidentally passed go.

“Lessons have been learned and, I expect, there will be more cohesion going into season five,” the source noted. This isn’t the first time a tie-in toy has spoiled a big entertainment brand. Many Star Wars titles have been notoriously leaked throughout the years, such as when a Rey action figure with a lightsaber was released before The Force Awakens, hinting the character was a potential Jedi.

Stranger Things’ fifth season will be the final one and Netflix is already seeing a downward trend. Stranger Things might spawn a sequel or spinoff series beyond the present story and cast, according to the Duffer Brothers.

The new season is divided into two halves. Season four’s “Volume 1” will premiere on May 27th (three years after season three aired). “Volume 2,” the second half of the fourth season, will premiere on July 1st.

This Monopoly incident may have outraged many individuals, not just the Duffer Brothers. Fans had to wait many years for it to be released just to be spoiled soon before the release. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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