Netflix is the most popular streaming service in the world today. The streaming giant has more than 200 million subscribers worldwide, but there is a noticeable downward trend. Netflix staff were recently told in an internal memo that if they are offended by the streamer’s “content breadth,” then they should leave. Elon Musk approves of this.

Elon Musk applauded Netflix’s new workplace culture standards, but cautioned that the company might not be the greatest location for employees who couldn’t work on content they disagreed with or found hurtful. Musk tweeted in response to a tweet regarding the new regulation.

Good move by @netflix.

For the first time since 2017, Netflix revised its workplace culture rules, adding a new section titled “Artistic Expression.” Netflix made the policy change following a record quarterly loss of customers, which the firm blamed on increased competition, password sharing, and other factors such as inflation and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


Since Musk stated last month that he planned to buy Twitter for $44 billion and hinted plans to reduce content restriction on the platform, his opinions on content moderation have come under heightened scrutiny. Check out Musk’s tweet below.

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