Kevin Durant is one of the best scorers in NBA history, and he might very well be a top ten player of all time when everything is said and done. Durant is currently with the Brooklyn Nets, despite having spent the first half of his NBA career with the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Golden State Warriors. KD recently showed up for an interview while he was high and that got a lot of attention as well.

The Nets player got high for an interview with David Letterman to talk about altering the perception of marijuana use. Durant sat down with Letterman for the new season of “My Guest Needs No Introduction.” It’s a Netflix interview series hosted by the former late-night host.

Letterman asked: “Did you smoke today?”

Durant replied: “Yeah. I’m actually high right now.”


After the Celtics swept Brooklyn in the first round of the NBA playoffs, Durant began his offseason late last month. Before recounting his own experience with marijuana in the late 1970s, Letterman laughed. Durant claimed he wants to change the stigma around players and marijuana in an interview footage acquired by Bleacher Report.

He teamed up with Weedmaps, a digital business that provides marijuana dispensary information. The entire interview will be released on May 20. Check out the video below.

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