Johnny Depp’s substance abuse problems have been well-documented over the years. It is no surprise that they have been raised in court recently. The severity of Johnny’s problems came to light today as his former business manager testified in his legal war with ex-wife Amber Heard.

Joel Mandel appeared in court via a pre-recorded video deposition today. The pair first started working together in 1999. Mandel testified that Johnny Depp began showing a major change around 2010.

“The success of the Pirates films obviously catapulted him to a different level of success. that was a career thing, but it was also a financial thing.”

The former manager claimed that Depp’s previously responsible drinking became excessive after the success of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films. It became difficult to plan meetings and Depp was difficult to speak to about his finances. Johnny Depp did have some periods of clarity, though, as he spent $100,000 a month on a private detox physician.


Johnny Depp was alleged by Joel Mandel to have spent thousands of dollars a month on prescription drugs. At the time he was struggling with his addiction the most, Depp was paying $10,000 per day for private security. The dollar amounts were staggering.

Joel Mandel testified that Johnny Depp had a hard time understanding that he was spending too much money. As his problems worsened, Mandel noted, he became angry and began to lash out. The two parted ways in 2016 before Johnny Depp sued him for mismanaging his money. Joel thinks Depp’s drug abuse was the true cause of his issues, but Johnny was too out of it to understand.

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Michael Perry

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