The ongoing legal battle between Johnny Depp and ex-wife Amber Heard has dominated the news in the last month and it shows no signs of stopping either. Now, according to recent reports Depp was accused of having erratic behavior due to “substance abuse.”

Radar Online reports that production on Johnny Depp’s 2018 movie City of Lies was repeatedly delayed due to the star’s erratic on-set behavior, costing up to a million dollars in lost filming days. Leaked daily production reports log a series of incidents detailing Depp’s frequent absences from filming, including incidents where he failed to show up for work at all. 

They also detail his excuses, including “fatigue”, “sweats”, and “fever.” The reports obtained by the outlet date from late February and early March 2017, towards the end of 32 days of principal filming.

One entry, for February 27, notes, “Cast member J. Depp left work of own volition before completion of scheduled work on account of fatigue & ill-feeling… this caused estimated company work loss of 5 hours”. It also adds, “Slight difficulty with scripted lines was observed of Mr. Depp during performance.”


“Fever, sweats, fatigue and ‘ill feeling’ are all classic symptoms associated with substance abuse.”

The following day, production was again delayed, with the report saying, “Cast member J. Depp suffered from pain & fatigue today that was later attributed to a dental issue (emergency dental work was later sought). Due in part, company made decision not to extend the filming day… costing 1.5 hours of expected shooting.” On March 1st, Depp was scheduled to film 10 scenes, but once more quit the set early.

“Cast member J. Depp left work of his own volition before completion of his scheduled work due to sweats, fever & feeling ill, This attributed to an estimated overall company work loss of 4 hours throughout day delays.”

A source close to the production revealed: “It is significant to note, on average, a Hollywood movie with a 20-million-dollar budget working to a 40-day filming schedule, costs approximately $500,000 per [8 hour] day.” At such a budget, Depp’s absences over those four days alone could have cost the production company up to a million dollars. It’s certainly an eye-watering number. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more on this story and everything else going on in the world.

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Shubham Banerjee

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