Amber Heard is continuously attempting to undermine Johnny Depp in every way she can. Johnny, too, is not leaving any stone unturned. Amber has now introduced her ex-friend Rocky, who sobbed and detailed her fear that Johnny Depp would harm the actress.

According to Radar Online, Rocky Pennington, Amber Heard’s ex-friend, broke down in tears while recounting her concern that Johnny Depp may accidentally injure her friend during one of his claimed violent outbursts. Rocky, a yoga instructor from Los Angeles, testified in court through pre-recorded video deposition.

During her relationship with Depp, she was incredibly close to the Aquaman actress and even stayed in one of the Hollywood star’s apartments in Downtown Los Angeles. The line of questioning today started with Depp’s attorney asking Pennington about the historic May 21st, 2016 incident at Depp’s penthouse in Downtown Los Angeles’ Eastern Columbia Building. Heard said on the stand that Depp attacked her on the date in question.

The actress said she hadn’t seen her ex-husband in a month since he was working abroad. She agreed to visit him because his mother had recently died, but she thought he was off the wagon.


“He said he really needed his wife. He had lost his mother and he missed his wife, he really needed his wife. He said it over and over again.”

Heard said she went to Depp‘s home and met him there. However, she claimed that he immediately started shouting about the feces discovered in his bed, which he assumed her friend had left for him following a disagreement with Heard.

According to the actress, Depp yelled and berated her friend over the phone. “When he’s done, he says, ‘You wanna have my woman now, you wanna have my bitch, you take her, you can have her.’ With that he pulls his arm back with the phone and throws it at my face,” she testified. Heard claims she subsequently informed Depp that he had punched her in the eye, but he allegedly showed no remorse.

She testified that he yelled at her before assaulting her. Another friend, she added, then entered the room with Depp’s security. According to Heard, Depp continued his antics by hurling a bottle and shattering objects. The cops were summoned to the apartment, but no arrests were made. Heard filed for divorce a couple of days later, followed by a restraining order petition. Depp denied touching Heard and said she made up the accusation.

During the deposition, Pennington gave her version of events. She remembered walking into the penthouse where Heard and Depp were that day. She stated that Depp was standing in the living room when she walked in. Pennington stated she didn’t witness the actor touch or hurl anything at Heard. Pennington remembered the house being wrecked and the couple yelling at each other.

During questioning by Heard’s counsel, Pennington confessed that while Depp was using, everyone called him “the monster.” Later, she became emotional as she described signs of abuse in the couple’s relationship. When asked what kind of danger she feared for her companion, she replied, “Towards the end … I was was worried for her physical safety. I was worried that when he [Depp] turned, he might accidentally do something that was worse than he ever intended.”

Amber and Johnny’s continuous legal drama has kept everyone on the edge of their seats. We’ll keep you updated on all the latest drama between the two, so stay tuned. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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