Cardi B recently returned from a social media break with a vengeance. Cardi has been dealing with the many trappings of fame. Entitled fans and online trolls have been a thorn in her side on Twitter and Instagram, but Cardi is not afraid to call them out.

One fan asked Cardi why she would unfollow all her fans but still engage with them online. Cardi B thought that notion was ridiculous. She clapped back, noting that she doesn’t have to conform to anybody’s agenda.

Cardi’s response was more than a little graphic. She compared the idea of unfollowing fans but still interacting to blocking a man and still having intimate relations. Of course, Cardi B used much more colorful language.

“Have you ever blocked your man and then go F*ck him the same day ?Well it’s the same sh*t I block them and unfollow and still talk to MY FANS ……Who gone tell me WHAT?”


Cardi B loves her career as a musician and performer despite her sometimes difficult fans. She has no issues letting them know how she feels, even if they may not like it. To some, that makes Cardi even more real.

Online trolls don’t seem to be willing to leave Cardi B alone. Her famous temper occasionally causes her to lash out against her supporters. Fans who criticize her should probably know better by now.

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Michael Perry

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