Bam Margera was part of the ‘Jackass’ series since the very beginning, alongside the likes of Johnny Knoxville and others. However, he was removed from ‘Jackass Forever’ for many reasonsespecially due to his drug addictions. He has now achieved a great milestone in his recovery.

Bam Margera completed a 12-month drug and alcohol abuse treatment program. According to TMZ, the ‘Jackass’ star just completed a year-long program in Florida. He will now continue to attend outpatient treatment programs for the next few months.

Bam says he’s living near his Boca Raton recovery center. His wife Nikki and kid, Phoenix, have recently moved in with him because he’s now able to live outside of the treatment center while attending lessons.

It’s a big stride for Bam. He didn’t let a minor setback keep him from finishing his program. Bam showed up at a Florida casino in September and was driven back to his recovery center in the back of a cop cruiser.


As part of his treatment, Bam is working out again. His “Viva La Bam” co-star Brandon Novak told TMZ last month that it’s the closest Bam has gotten to the person he was when they were both growing up on the skateboard scene. After being removed from the latest ‘Jackass’ film, it appears things are looking up for Bam.

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