Ted Nugent is well aware that an alleged white supremacist killed ten people in a mass shooting at a grocery store. Now Nugent is accused of hate speech for asking Trump supporters to go wild on the skulls of the Democrats.

Payton Gendron is accused of murdering ten people. He had apparently targeted African Americans, as 11 of the 13 victims he shot were Black. While playing at a Donald Trump event in Austin recently, Ted Nugent urged for violence against “Democrats” and other “enemies of America.” These words are now getting a big signal blast in light of recent troubling events.

Think of what the enemies of America have done over the last 14 months. They didn’t sneak into the White House — they lied, they cheated, they scammed, and everyday the Democrats violate their sacred oath to the Constitution. And if you can’t impress you friends on that, they shouldn’t be your friends. I love you people madly but I’d love you more if you went forward and just went berserk on the skulls of the Democrats and the Marxists and the Communists.

Nugent’s remarks went down just hours after that tragedy in Buffalo. The “Great Replacement Theory,” promoted by the far-right, including Tucker Carlson and Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, claims that Democrats are scheming to replace the white population with immigration.


Mr. Trump has been accused of inciting violence against his political opponents on numerous occasions. According to Mark Esper’s latest book, the former president asked if he could direct the army to shoot Black Lives Matter demonstrators, something Trump has denied.

This is obviously a hot button issue, and the debate will likely continue. Hopefully we do not see any more instances of violence along the way. Keep checking back with Thirsty for more.

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