Slim Thug has been thugging from the beginning of his career. Slim Thug’s talent garnered him many fans in his early 20s, and he has maintained that position to this day. Slim Thug is now in his 40s and has decided to make a significant change in his life. Slim Thug has stated that he wishes to alter his name to Big Slim because he is too old for his previous identity.

Big Slim is the new identity of the rapper that gave us songs like “Like A Boss,” “I Run the Streets,” and “Welcome 2 Houston.” During an interview with The Defender, he discussed his decision and how it relates to his new endeavor.

“Definitely check out the *BIGslim* project. It’s a change in me.”

“I’m growing into a new person. I’m 41. I don’t want to be called Slim Thug.”

“It just don’t fit, you know I’m saying? I really ain’t thuugging out. So, I wanna be Big Slim now. I got big plans…I’m saying so join the journey to see where that goes.”

Slim Thug’s new 11-track album BIGslim is one of his huge plans. Big Slim’s enterprise, Boss Life Construction, which restores abandoned homes, is also helping to improve his town. The rapper is helping enhance the property value in the Acres Homes neighborhood while simultaneously providing low-cost homes for families in need as a result of his developer investment.

“We gonna keep our eyes open. We gonna keep working and climbing up to the next level. Instead of me staying the same … I’m sure I have a lot more to talk about with this transition.”

Law enforcement is cracking down on artists whose names, lyrics, and music videos praise the “thug” lifestyle. That being said, dropping “Thug” from his name could be smart. What is your view on it? For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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