Most people don’t take good drivers license photos, but Kylie Jenner is in a breed all to her own. Kylie Jenner is an Instagram sensation who has become well-known for her stunning appearances. Jenner always stays active on social media, and her followers eagerly await to see her next updates. Kylie Jenner recently shared a snap of her driving license on Instagram while being chauffeured around.

Jenner shared a photo of her immaculate driving license photo on her Instagram stories. The reality star flaunted that photo with her black hair tucked behind her ear and her full lips slightly puckered. In the California state-issued identification card, she appeared to be wearing a grey sweater, but no other information could be seen on her permit.

Jenner also shared a Boomerang video of herself sitting in the back of a car with her head resting on her fist to her Instagram story. Her earlobe was adorned with a gold and silver earring, and she had a little stud pierced through the ear cartilage. Her head was crowned with thick white-framed sunglasses as her posture and tone was total privilege and opulence.

Kylie also included a photo of a Kylie Air cup in her post. Her white Nike sneakers and matching white socks were the emphases of the final shot. Jenner could be flying out to support her partner Travis Scott at the Billboard Awards, given her Kylie Air cup. The two did appear together on the red carpet before the big show where he was set to perform.


The 31-year-old rapper’s performance will be his first appearance on television since the Astroworld disaster in November. Of course, Kylie stood by Travis’ side the entire time. Are you up for watching his performance? For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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