Elon Musk’s bid to buy Twitter has hit a major snag. The billionaire Tesla boss’ purchase was agreed to in late April. Elon Musk garnered lot of support from conservatives in the past week when he spoke about his political affiliation.

Musk recently took to his very own social media platform Twitter to write about owning a social media company. He did not miss the opportunity to flex about his recent acquisition and make a joke about “owning the libs.” Musk noted that owning such platform is not cheap at all.

Whoever thought owning the libs would be cheap never tried to acquire a social media company!

Elon Musk recently said that he wants to investigate the volume of fake users on the platform. Bots and spammers make up less than 5% of Twitter’s user base, according to estimates. Musk is also interested in Dogecoin and has endorsed it once again in a recent tweet.


Elon Musk certainly knows how to get people’s attention. His love for Twitter grew so much that he decided to purchase it. Check out Elon Musk’s latest tweet below.

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