DJ Khaled’s career has taken him from Terror Squad DJ to Miami hitmaker to the “Quincy Jones of Hip Hop,” as Fat Joe proudly put it. Khaled’s discography includes classics like “I’m On One,” which features Drake, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross, and “We Takin’ Over.” But when it comes to competition, Khaled feels he’s untouchable in any environment, including a fabled Verzuz.

Khaled threw down the gauntlet and boldly declared no one could witness him in a Verzuz-style event. He made the bold claim while preparing shrimp fried rice with Trick Daddy for Trick Daddy Dollars’ I Got My Pots YouTube series on YouTube just recently.

To answer your question, I really don’t see nobody. My catalog is super strong … I’m from Miami so if you expect me to be like … I don’t see nobody, and I mean that with love. My catalog is strong. You might wanna Google it and go check out my catalog, I been doing this sh*t for two decades! And I been putting hit records out for damn near 15 years! So really think about what you thinking and what you saying because Khaled got hits! A lot of hits! For me, I wouldn’t do a Verzuz right now but if I ever did one, I would want to do it when I decide to not wanna make music no more. That’s when I want my catalog to be praised, but right now, I’m just getting started.

Despite his bravado, Khaled did indicate that he would like to do a Verzuz when his career came to an end. When it comes to music, a lot of artists have already declared themselves invincible, including Diddy, who believes he only has one worthy opponent in Dr. Dre, and JAY-Z, who dismissed any competition during a Twitter Spaces in 2021.


Even after a 13-year run that saw him release four collaborative albums, three mixtapes, one studio album, and a countless number of hits, Metro Boomin became the latest producer to preemptively call off a potential Verzuz. He told a fan that he needed at least 20 more years in hip-hop before he felt his catalogue was right. Even after a 13-year run that saw him release four collaborative albums, three mixtapes, one studio album, and a After a gospel-themed Verzuz for Easter, the event is back to celebrating hip-hop with a Saturday showdown between Onyx and Cypress Hill. Check out the video below.

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