DJ Khaled has come a long way since rising to mainstream prominence in the early 2000s. He rose to popularity by working with Terror Squad as a DJ for their live performances. It seems DJ Khaled is unhappy with McDonald’s locations after he was unable to locate a Happy Meal.

Khaled claimed he visited five McDonald’s locations and was unable to locate a Happy Meal for his son, Asahd. Over the weekend, Khaled expressed his displeasure with the fast-food chain in a series of videos posted to his Instagram page.

We went to every McDonalds, they have no Happy Meals nowhere. I don’t know why McDonalds don’t have Happy Meals. McDonalds please we need more happy meals, the kids want happy meals. Bless up and love @mcdonalds just want y’all to know [there’s] no happy meals no where but the great people at this @mcdonalds got one for my son @asahdkhaled thank u.

Khaled said his famous adlib, “another one,” in a video taken of a group of McDonald’s employees. While the Happy Meal is still available, it was phased out of McDonald’s Dollar Mensu in 2018. They’ve also discontinued the plastic toys that were previously included with any meal purchase.


DJ Khaled recently took a break from throwing up bricks at NBA games to do something good for his community. Khaled visited his son Asahd’s school to talk to kids about never giving up. The visit also included the famed producer reading a book to the children. Watch Khaled’s latest Instagram posts below.

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