Billy Cosby is a well-known American stand-up comedian, but he may not be a good person. During the Me Too movement, Cosby was the target of numerous sexual assault allegations, many of which were widely publicized. Judy Huth’s claims that he abused her at the Playboy house in 1974 are being dismissed by Bill Cosby and his legal team. They claim there is no evidence she was present at the time.

Huth filed a lawsuit against the former comedy star in 2014. She alleged that he sexually raped her at the famed party house when she was 15 and he was 37. Cosby is now fighting the charges in court.

The lawyers for the Cosby Show star requested an emergency hearing arguing that the plaintiff was changing her narrative weeks before the trial was supposed to begin. Michael G. Freedman one of Cosby’s lawyers wrote a petition to the judge.

Defendant is filing his Motion for Terminating Sanctions on May 13, 2022 based on the fact that for the first time, days before the final pretrial status conference in this case, and little more than week before the start of trial, Plaintiff (Huth) now admits that she was not 15 years old when she was ‘abused’ by Defendant at the Playboy mansion and that the incident did not happen in 1974 as she has long claimed.


Huth’s account of the events is radically shifting, according to Cosby’s defense team, which is urging that their client be given an opportunity to meet with the judge as soon as possible. Huth first indicated that she was 15 years old and her companion Donna Samuelson was 16 when they first met Cosby.

She stated he inquired about their ages when they first met and later invited them to the Playboy home, but that he told them to tell others they were both 19 years old if they were questioned. The actor’s second attorney, Jennifer Bonjean, also wrote to the judge.

Plaintiff has a whole new story now: she claims that the incident happened in February and/or March 1975 – shortly before her 17th birthday. Because trial is set to commence on May 24, 2022, there exists ample good cause for the Court to set defendant’s motion to be heard on shortened time before the commencement of trial.

Bonjean is also pushing for additional evidence to be admitted into the future trial. Playboy Enterprises gave her all the information they had on who visited and went from the home in 1974, including visiting books and a calendar of scheduled events, according to the attorney. None of the records referenced Huth or her companion. Stay tuned for more updates on this case.

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