Dana White is known to be a very controversial figure when it comes to the proper payment of UFC stars. Despite that, it cannot be dismissed that Dana White has made UFC what it is today. He and Vince McMahon also have their own ways of conducting business, but Mr. McMahon is also know to create Superstars.

Dana White also has an interesting relationship with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. There have been multiple comparisons between the two over the years as well. In fact, McMahon once blasted Dana White for an interesting reason.

While speaking on Unlocking The Cage, Jimmy Smith was asked which company he would sign with if he was a fighter. He was asked to choose between WWE and UFC. Smith then claimed that McMahon can make stars, unlike Dana White.

“If Vince McMahon says, ‘We are going to make a star out of you’, you will make more money and you will go further than you will anywhere else,” said Smith. “Dana White can only say, ‘Here’s your chance.’ If you get your ass kicked twice, all that goes away. If Vince McMahon says, ‘We think you can be a great character and we can do a lot with you’, they are going to make sure their investment is protected. They are going to give you the right booking, the right opponents and the right people to get you over.

The UFC can only go, ‘Here’s three fights.’ If you lose, that’s all over,” Jimmy Smith continued. “Once Vince says, ‘You’re our guy. Here you go.’ First of all, that first contract is going to be worth a lot more money than the UFC’s contract. Number two, Vince McMahon, because of his faith in you or whatever it is, can give you all the opportunity in the world to fulfill that destiny. Dana White in UFC, because of the nature of it not being predetermined, can’t do that. I would sign with WWE.”

Dana White will also be present during AEW’s Las Vegas show this month. WWE certainly has a good few UFC stars who transitioned into the company, such as Ronda Rousey and Matt Riddle. It is likely more UFC stars will make their way to WWE in the future.

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