Josh Duggar was found guilty by a jury in his trial for crimes related to possession of child pornography. He’s not the only one in his family to have been accused of crimes against kids. After Josh Duggar’s arrest on child pornography charges, his wife Anna appeared to have no difficulty letting their children to be around him.

The shocking news was revealed in a letter written by LaCount Reber, a friend of the Duggar family. Josh’s father, Jim Bob, is buddies with LaCount and his wife Maria. Following the disgraced reality star’s April 2021 court appearance, the judge presiding over the case granted Josh release under certain restrictions.

Josh was not allowed to reside with his wife Anna or their children, according to the court. He was only allowed to see his children if his wife agreed. Josh was ordered to reside with LaCount and Maria and not have access to the internet.

Josh was found guilty of two counts of possessing and downloading the filthy content in December 2021. The sex offender’s sentence will be announced later this month. Josh had his family and friends write letters to the court in an attempt to escape having the book thrown at him.

After the original arrest, LaCount posted one praising Josh but also revealing Anna was over at his house with the kids. Josh also made sure to respect the court’s guidelines, according to LaCount. Check out the letter from LaCount below.

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