Josh Duggar was found guilty by a jury in his trial for crimes related to possession of child pornography. He’s not the only one in his family to have been accused of crimes against kids. In new letters documenting Josh Duggar’s life behind bars, his loved ones are begging with a judge to give him a lenient sentence.

Nicole Burruss, a neighbor, opened up about his stay in the Washington County Jail since the 19 Kids and Counting alum was arrested in December after a guilty judgement. After being convicted of downloading sexual abuse material, some of which portrayed children under the age of 12, Josh now faces up to 20 years in prison and $250,000 in fines on each count.

Nicole stated Josh had called and “devastatingly shared that there was a man who was verbally threatening and abusive to him every time he passed his cell in solitary confinement.” Josh was “disgusted” by his comments, but the man afterwards approached him to apologize, according to a letter acquired by The Sun from Burruss.

Anna defended her husband in her letter, describing him as considerate, courteous, ready to forgive, patient, and honestly the kindest person. She appealed for a just sentencing, noting that she recognizes the seriousness of this problem.


Timothy Burruss, a neighbor, also wrote to the judge, pleading for mercy at the approaching sentence hearing on May 25. Josh’s mother, Michelle, characterized him as a loving father and family man. She urged that he be reunited with his wife and family as soon as possible.

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