Adreian Payne’s passing saw the basketball community mourning a once-promising young star. Payne was an All-Big Ten performer at Michigan State during his college days. Adreian Payne was allegedly attempting to break up a fight.

Lawrence Dority, who is currently in detention, unfortunately shot and killed Adreian Payne a few of nights ago. For those who don’t know, Payne was a four-year basketball player at Michigan State before moving on to the NBA and then the European leagues.

New information of Payne’s death have been disclosed, according to TMZ. Payne essentially turned up at Dority’s house to put an end to a disagreement between Dority and his girlfriend. Dority alleged that Payne threatened him and even stated, “I’ll smoke you bra,” while speaking to police.

Police conducted an investigation and spoke with witnesses about what occurred. They eventually determined that Payne possessed no firearm and never constituted a threat to the suspect. This is being called deliberate murder by the police.


They believe Dority said whatever to make it appear as if he was acting in self-defense. Many of Payne’s former teammates have spoken out since his death, including Draymond Green, who announced that he would donate $100,000 to a charity in Payne’s honor. This is a developing story so stay tuned to Thirsty for updates.

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