Tammy Lynn Sytch will have her day in court after being involved in an alleged DUI accident that killed a 75-year-old man. The WWE Hall of Famer more popularly known as “Sunny” was arrested on Friday in Ormond Beach, Florida. Sytch will be arraigned on May 31 at 2:30 PM.

Tammy was released from jail on a $227,000 bond following the arrest. She is facing up to 30 years behind bars on charges of DUI manslaughter. The judge ordered Tammy Sytch not to leave Volusia County, Florida while she awaits her court date, according to Mike Johnson of PW Insider.

Sytch has a court hearing in New Jersey on May 26. That case involves her arrest on eleven charges, one of which also includes a DUI. There is no word on whether she will be able to attend virtually or if an exception could be made.

There is also an active case in New Jersey from the incident where Tammy Lynn Sytch threatened to kill her boyfriend with scissors. Sunny was charged with illegally possessing a weapon and terroristic threats in that case. Fortunately, nobody was injured during the confrontation.


The charges in the Florida case include DUI manslaughter, causing death while operating a vehicle with a suspended license, four counts of DUI causing injury to a person, and three counts of DUI causing property damage. These are just the latest in a long history of problems Sytch has had with driving under the influence. Tammy has questioned the validity of the charges via social media.

Time will tell what Tammy Lynn Sytch’s fate will be. She is facing a slew of very serious charges in multiple states. If the judge throws the book at her, she could spend a large portion of her remaining years behind bars.

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