UFC octagon invaders always provide an entertaining sight to watch. Fans remember the infamous man who scaled the octagon fence to hit Conor McGregor. Just recently, another fan tried to scale the octagon only to end up in an epic failure.

The female fan crossed the barricade and made a run for the UFC Octagon. As seen in the video posted to @thirstyfornews Instagram page, the fan attempted to invade the octagon during a fight. The attempt later on turned into an epic failure.

Fan attempt to rush the Octagon at #UFC274 was an epic failure…

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The video started with the lady saying, “ayo, what’s good?” The person who took the video interrupted her and hyped her up shouting, “Go! Go! Go!” The crowd cheered up as she made the run.

Just seconds after, the fan got thrown away by an octagon bystander like a bug. The security then escorted her away from the octagon. Check out the funny epic failure video below.

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