Jenelle Evans has a knack for staying in the limelight. Her dance routines, teeth, search history, and other attributes are frequently criticized by Redditors. Teen Mom Jenelle Evans has started another business to supplement her income: OnlyFans.

In an Instagram post, the former Teen Mom star encouraged her followers to subscribe to her page. Jenelle captioned a screenshot of her account details with a link to her page saying: “let’s have a chat.”

In her bio, the former MTV star mentioned her decade-long run on the network and said she’s a “Popular Social Media Influencer on all platforms.” Naturally, this caught fans’ attention.

So far, the North Carolina native has a few posts on the platform, for which she charges fans a $20 monthly subscription fee. Jenelle’s new job comes after she revealed her mental health struggles in the aftermath of her baby daddy Nathan Griffith’s surprise wedding to his girlfriend, May Oyola. Fans flocked Reddit to roast her.


One fan wrote: “Ahh yes, I can imagine Jenelles off beat “twerking” in that red lingerie top that she never washes. Don’t forget the huge intakes of breath in between each step 🤣 quality content ✨”

Another chimed in: “Eww, who the f*ck wants a view of what David sees/eats(naw we KNOW he ain’t eating) Gross Janelle, great message for Eggsley.”

A third one added: “If I were her I’d just post all my fights with david on that thing. I think we’d all subscribe then.”

Nobody on Reddit has admitted to paying $20 for her page, but many people believe she will simply post her YouTube content. After all, David Eason is known to be a bit protective, so it’s unlikely he’d let her post anything too NSFW. Check out the screenshots and some Reddit comments below.

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