Jenelle Evans has not done anything in her life which wouldn’t infuriate her fans. Her posts on social media platforms get more hate than views or likes. This time the Teen Mom was called out for having a nasty yard full of junk.

Jenelle took to TikTok and posted a video of herself doing yard work. She was in an outfit that fans thought was quite odd for the situation, reported The Sun. While some couldn’t get over her swimsuit and Spanx combo, others were too busy focusing on the state of her yard.

The Teen Mom star appeared to be power washing pool filters. However, all fans could see was her overgrown grass and weeds growing up around her fence. Fans took to Reddit sometime later to call out Jenelle for keeping her yard dirty.

The fans on Reddit compared Jenelle and David Eason’s yard to “hell” and the entrance to Pet Cemetery. “This yard is overgrown and awful looking. They don’t do anything all day. Fix your sh*t,” one user wrote. Another chimed in: “This fence and unkempt yard looks like the entrance to an abandoned pet cemetery, or hell!” A third fan replied to that comment, referencing the shooting of their dog Nugget, saying: “It’s a pet cemetery I’m sure, but not abandoned.”

This is however not the first time the couple has received for having a terribly maintained yard. In 2021, fans came for them after Jenelle posted a video of beer cans left in their backyard by her husband. The yard in addition to her outfit made fans go ham on them in the comments.

At this point, it’s not very far-fetched to believe that she does all of this just to remain relevant. Waking up every day to being called out and slammed online might not be a very good thing to go through. Her fans’ comments however have almost no effect on how she lives her daily life.

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