Jack Harlow is not low on confidence since he tried to shoot his shot with Dua Lipa. Harlow continued to create hype for his new album on Twitter as we wrote, “Strictly legends on my album.” He also asked fans to guess who might be featuring alongside him on the album. As for Dua Lipa, Harlow is still hopeful.

While out promoting his new project, the Kentucky native stopped by The Breakfast Club to discuss his friendship with Drake, working with Lil Nas X, and family support, among other things. According to Uproxx, the hosts couldn’t help but turn the conversation to Harlow’s mention of the English vocalist at one point.

When asked what the Future Nostalgia hitmaker’s reaction was, Harlow admitted, “I suppose it’s OK,” but he believes “when the song comes out, she’ll grow to appreciate it even more.” Instead of admitting to having a crush on the actress, he simply stated, “I admire her.”

The track list for Jack Harlow’s Come Home The Kids Miss You is impressive, but few of them will stick with you as much as the fifth title, “Dua Lipa.” The 24-year-old teased the track on Instagram days before it appeared on his sophomore album, and since its release on Friday, Harlow’s song has received nearly 3.5 million streams on Spotify alone.

In other news, Harlow spent the weekend celebrating the release of his album at the Kentucky Derby. Harlow, Drake, DJ Drama, and Druskii entertained the crowd and social media with their antics. Drake was also pretty drunk at the Derby. Watch the “Way Out” rapper’s full interview on The Breakfast Club below.

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