Amy Schumer is recognized for her witty remarks and upbeat personality. Amy doesn’t think much while making people laugh, and this has cost her a lot. The fan must be aware that her previous joke has put her life in jeopardy. Recently again she delivered another joke that was not permitted at the Oscars, because it could have gotten her in trouble.

Amy Schumer has opened her comedy vault. Amy laid down another joke that the Oscars honchos supposedly rejected and it’s on tape. During a performance for the ‘Netflix Is a Joke’ event, the comic revealed her most recent axed bit, and at one point in her set, she laid out exactly what showrunners weren’t feeling from AS’s pitched material.

It was a joke that uses several of the nominated films to make a sex joke about her husband. Fans may see it for themselves, but suffice it to say that it ends with pregnancy. Whether it was funny or not, it seems to vary on whom it is asked. The joke seemed to hit home with the live crowd, who were laughing out loud when she delivered it, but people criticized it online.

This brings back to last month when Amy shared yet another joke. This time about Alec Baldwin, which most people didn’t find funny. The Baldwin joke wasn’t recorded on film since she mentioned it during a stand-up event in Vegas where people’s phones were locked away, but it was nonetheless reported. It’s also unclear whether any of these jokes were actually on the table.


Amy roasted everyone under the sun, and she received a warm reception. What are your thoughts on whether Amy is humorous or not, it’s evident she has the gift? For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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