Alec Baldwin made headlines after accidentally firing a gun on the set of “Rust,” killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. According to recently released police body cam evidence, Alec Baldwin was concerned about Halyna Hutchins’ condition just minutes after she was shot on the set of “Rust.”

Alec can be seen sitting with Dave Halls, the film’s Assistant Director, in a video acquired by TMZ. When Baldwin inquired about Halyna, another crew member informed him that things aren’t looking good, and a cop described how the bullet entered the right side of her body and exited the left.

Halls broke down, while Baldwin maintained his solemn demeanor. Hutchins was still alive at that moment in the video, but she was struggling for her life as paramedics treated her on the spot. TMZ chose not to display film of medics tending to Hutchins, which was released by police. D.A. Mary Carmack-Altwies put out a statement recently.

The Sheriff’s office is still awaiting essential reports and will not be completing their investigation until those reports have been submitted. The District Attorney’s office must wait until the complete investigation has been turned over by the Sheriff’s Office. Once we receive the completed investigation and conduct a thorough and deliberate review of all evidence, a criminal charging decision will be made.

Hutchins died as a result of her injuries, as we previously reported. In addition, the newly released footage showed the scene that led to Hutchins’ death. Baldwin can be seen pulling his revolver in a quickdraw in footage released by cops from the scenario rehearsal.

The actor claimed he never pulled the trigger on the gun, which fired after the hammer recoiled, as seen in a computer-generated film produced by the Hutchins family’s legal team. While this is the most evidence that has been provided in the case thus far, the inquiry is still ongoing.

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