Benedict Cumberbatch reprised his role as Marvel’s ex-Sorcerer Supreme in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. It’s a sequel to Scott Derrickson’s 2016 film that introduced the character, first created by Steve Ditko and Stan Lee in the 1960s, into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Cumberbatch has played Doctor Strange in six different Marvel films and one animated series over the last six years. And if he gets his way, he’ll keep wearing the red Cloak of Levitation for another ten years. Cumberbatch shared his thoughts in a virtual chat.

If they keep him evolving, I think there’s a lot of places for him to explore. So yeah, bring it on. I want to continue to keep the variety fresh and inventive.

Aside from his work in the MCU, Cumberbatch has dabbled in a variety of roles, most recently earning an Oscar nomination for his performance as a sneering cowboy in Jane Campion’s The Power of the Dog. He has taken on a variety of smaller roles in films such as The Courier, a Cold War spy film released last year, and the Guantanamo drama The Mauritanian through his production company SunnyMarch.


But, before embarking on his next act, which will include more adventures with Strange as Marvel CEO Kevin Feige plots out the company’s next decade, Cumberbatch’s role will require him to spend a little more time at home. Cumberbatch recently spoke with the Sun about playing Marvel’s most mystical character and making the studio’s scariest film yet.

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