Cain Velasquez has been imprisoned since February when he was arrested for allegedly shooting at a man accused of molesting one of his family members. The 39-year-old will have to wait a little while longer before having his day in court. It seems he recently wished her daughter on her birthday.

Velasquez may be imprisoned, but he’s still making ways to let his daughter know he’s thinking about her on her birthday. He recently sent a sweet birthday message to the 13-year-old from prison. On Friday, the UFC legend shared the message on his Twitter page.

Happy 13th birthday Coco! I miss you so much! Te amo mucho. I hope God grants us the ultimate gift for your birthday, for me to be home with you.”

He included several photos of the father and daughter having fun together. Velasquez also stated in his note that he hoped to be released from jail at a hearing on Friday. Unfortunately for Velasquez, a judge did not grant him bail during the hearing.


Instead, the case was continued and rescheduled for May 16, which means he’ll be imprisoned for at least another ten days. Velasquez is facing ten criminal charges, including first-degree attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon on multiple counts.

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